Are you sending your child to Daycare?

How are you guys? I am just checking in to see how many of you are sending your child to a daycare facility? Yael started last Friday and it wasn’t easy for us. The stress of having to leave him to educators for solid 9 hours away from us drives me around the bend. But we don’t really have any choice right now. I can’t stop working because expenses are starting to make its toll on us.

So every morning, I have to wake up at around 6 to prepare our packed lunches until 6:30 am and then I would wake him up and we have breakfast together and a quick shower. And then around 7ish, I will drive him to the daycare, be with him for 10-15 minutes depending on his mood, he doesn’t really like the feeling of leaving him at daycare (that is still a work in progress) and around 7:30 I zipped out while hearing his cries across the hall and off to work.

I plan to make a post about Yael and the daycare life soon.

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