Baby Care and Tips

Having a baby can be both challenging and exciting. This is the phase wherein parents play an important role in helping a child to grow, learn, explore and be healthy. Nothing is as important as raising a child and as parents, you have a huge impact on your child’s development.

Admit it, YOU WILL ALWAYS HAVE QUESTIONS whether you are new to parenting or have been parents for a while.

Here, you will find awesome baby care and tips starting from understanding newborns and what to expect on the first few weeks of your baby’s life – and, for me, the first two weeks after your baby’s arrival is always crazy! 

Knowing the basics of baby care will give you a relief whenever you encounter common health concerns, colicky babies, feeding choices, putting baby on sleep, understanding baby cues and other important information to look out for like what to expect while attending health check-ups, immunizations, baby safety, developmental stages and baby interaction are also provided here.

Below are the topics PLUS I provided you with the links! I hope you enjoy reading my stories! Feel free to share them too! That’d be awesome!

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My Baby Has a Fever, How to Deal with it?


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And don’t forget to cherish every moment with your BABY!