SMBJ Virtual Solutions provide online support services to businesses and entrepreneurs worldwide.

Who is SMBJ Virtual Solutions?

Jezza, the owner of SMBJ Virtual Solutions, is dedicated to helping business owners who are in need of various services such as general administration, social media marketing, data entry, research, customer support, and bookkeeping.

She has the skills required to get your tasks done so you can focus on the areas that generate your business revenue. Since 2015, she has worked with various entrepreneurs worldwide and very passionate about her business and treats each client's business as if it was her very own.

Finding a Virtual Assistant who understands the unique needs of a business is a challenge. Jezza has been one of the Top-Rated Freelancers at Upwork since 2015 and has worked with various companies such as digital marketing agencies, research, keynote speaker, eCommerce, real estate, appraisal and accounting firms.

Why work with us

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SMBJ Virtual Solutions provides various remote services such as administration, social media marketing, data entry, research, customer support, and bookkeeping. We handle your pain points so you can focus on growing your business!

Feeling at loss in your business?

Worried that you're overlooking an important step in your business? Download the comprehensive Small Business Toolkit below that helps you handle the basics of starting a business and getting your financials in order. If you are new to outsourcing or this is your first time hiring a Virtual Assistant, we got you covered as we will help every step of the way.

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super mom in blue jeans

As your business grows, it can be challenging to keep up with other aspects of your business. If you feel overwhelmed, that's where we come in! We review your business processes and offer recommendations to help you streamline your business.

SMBJ Services 

Take a look at the types of services SMBJ offers, and get in touch to see how we can start helping you shape and grow your business today. 

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I hope that you will finally feel like someone gets you and what you are going through as a business owner when you come to this page.

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Every small business owner has tools and resources they can't live without! These are all tools that I love and wholeheartedly recommend and use to grow my business!

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I've created all ready to use templates you can use for your business from business planner, social media templates and I'm adding more of them!


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Jezza is an awesome worker who does everything you asks and also takes initiative herself. She is great at using modern tools to aid in communication and do good work. Fully recommend!

Tyler Bryden SixFive

Jezza provided exactly what was needed in the time-frame necessary. Great to work with and very thorough!

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Jezza is prompt, responsive, great freelancer!

Janine Einhellig Ketodomain

Are you ready to say goodbye to overwhelm?

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