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To succeed working at home, you need to manage the 5S: your Space, your Stuff, your Schedule, your Systems, and your Self. 

1) Space

Consider choosing a comfortable workspace in your home and also the type of virtual work you are in. It is always advisable that your workspace is free from distractions and can help you focus on your work. There is also a huge difference in finding that perfect workspace whether you are working more with data entry or handling calls.

2) Stuff

Keep your workspace tidy and free from any clutter. Keep your files and office tools organize at all times. And always keep in mind that “Less is more.”

3) Schedule

I find this is the hardest among the 5S to manage. When you work from home, you manage your own time. This is the very main reason why most of the VA’s like me choose to work from home because of this golden opportunity BUT because you have all the time in the world, you are also prone to procrastination. There are many management tools online (some are even free) that can help you a lot in setting and effectively manage your working schedule.

4) Systems

If you are a business, having a system in place is setting up your business from scratch to finish — from registering your business, creating business plans and portfolio to selling your services to clients. It just doesn’t end there, you also have to manage the workflow system and the tools you need for your everyday online work. So, for example, if you are working as a VA like me, some of the online tools I use are Trello board for file organization and work collaboration, Canva for designs, Social Report for social media management, Slack for messaging, etc.

5) Self

The most important thing is of course your inner SELF. Working from home can be tough but you will never go wrong with the right attitude, skill sets, discipline and professionalism.

Do you have other ways on how to manage to work from home? Feel free to share in the comments below.

About the Author

Jezza is the owner of SMBJ Virtual Solutions dedicated to helping businesses grow through outsourcing services and business support such as administration, research, data entry collection, social media management, and bookkeeping.

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